Travel Hacks

Airport Hacks

Empty water bottle

When you pack your carry-on luggage remember to pack an empty water bottle this way you avoid paying huge mark-ups for bottled water at the airport, after the checkpoint you fill up at a water fountain. Because your bottle is empty it will go through security just fine. Always check the current Liquids Rules at TSA or CPH

Photo of your parking spot

If you snap a photo of your parking spot before heading to the terminal, (be sure to include signage identifying your location level, aisle, etc.). At some airports, the garage or terminal number is not obvious on the signage, so you may need to remember which garage you were in.

Portable charger

Essential when you travel these act as an external battery you can your phone using a USB connector. This is a must-have in reserve in case an emergency arises while your phone is out of juice.


Internet: I think it Says itself. One cannot live as a traveler without the internet. Whenever I visit a new place, I use the Speedtest app to see if the internet is strong enough for uploading large files or video calls. In addition, I use Wifi Finder to find a good internet connection close by. Another bonus is that Wifi Finder also works offline.


I use to keep track of my kids’ school day with their online school teacher and keep track of my own assignments. Great for structuring your week.


An app where you can write, in Singapore, and then find all the cafes and coworking spaces nearby. There you can work or meet other digital travelers.

A fantastic offline map when the internet is not working anyway, and you are wandering around outside the law and right without having control of where you are and where you are going. Then, of course, I use Lonely Planet and other travel apps.

Google Drive

So I always have my stuff gathered somewhere in the cloud. But so can you in Teams. 

Google Translate

You need it when you don´t remember how to say thank very much you in Thai or Indonesian.

Fitness apps

thehouseofyoga: My best app. Always have it on hand so I don’t go completely in life as a digital nomad.
Adaptive: Also you should check out this fitness audio app.