Rental Property

First Property

My first Apartment is located in the southern part of Denmark in the city of Korsør. It´s close to Odense the third largest city in Denmark (27 min by train) I took over the apartment in 2017. The apartment is 110 m2 and has 4 rooms.

Purchase numbers

Price: 70.995 EUR (€)

Down payment: 14.437€
Registration fee government, deed: 651€
Banking fees: 243€
Lawyer: 334€

Total price for buying the apartment: 15.665

Cash flow monthly

Rental income: 1.004€
Mortgage payments: 266€

Result: 738€

Income Monthly 

Cash flow: 738€

Expenses, property taxes: 363€

Result: 375€

Debt (1.1.2019)

Mortgage: 48.171,55€


Second Property

My second apartment is also located in the southern part of Denmark in the city of Næstved. It´s the fifteenth largest city in Denmark. A friend and I took over the apartment in start 2019. The apartment is 92 m2 and has 3 rooms. My calculation is my share of the apartment (50%)

Purchase numbers

Price: 65.637 EUR (€)

Down payment: 16.409€
Registration fee government, deed: 504€
Banking fees: 0€ (put in as a higher interest rate the first year)
Lawyer: 300€

Total price for buying the apartment: 17.213

Cash flow monthly

Rental income: 371€
Mortgage payments: 136€

Result: 235€

Income Monthly 

Cash flow: 235€

Expenses, property taxes: 35€

Result: 200€

Debt (1.1.2019)

Mortgage: 49.462€


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