November 2018 update


November was a busy month for me at work, but I enjoy my work,so it dosen´t seem that hard. We tried to look for a ski destination in week 11 of 2019, which will be the first ski vacation for our kids and my wife. It quite an expensive form of holiday, hopefully, we can borrow our skiwear, but lift pass, ski rental, and ski school we need to pay. I tried to look at Sweden or Norway instead of the Alpes. But It looks like the best deal is to find a small area/place in Austria or Germany. I bought my second apartment this month, and take over date is the 2/1-2019 you can read more about it here.


Financially, last month was a great month. My net worth increased with
2818€ to 268.650€ by the start of the month. My takehome income was a little lower at 3165€ due to some late tax payment from my rental apartment 1.

Rental Appartment (1+2) – 36400€

Crowdlending – 8406€

Stocks – 53455€

Appartment + a small Summer cottage (where i live) 139.147€

Pension – 31242€

Total 268.650€

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