Credit Cards

Norwegian Credit Card

Benefits with Bank Norwegian

  • CashPoint – you earn travel points (CashPoint) that can be used for Norwegian tickets
  • Visa Free cash withdrawals both in Denmark and abroad
  • Up to 45 days grace period
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (for travel up to 90 days)
  • Up to 100,000 kroner in credit
  • High credit limit

What is cashback?

In a lot of countries, it´s possible to get cash back, but in Denmark, there are very few ways to get money when you spend money on a credit card. The cashback is a kind of dividend equivalent to a percentage of the amount you have used on a card. To make it easy, If you spend DKK 1000  in one year with a cashback of 1%, you will get DKK 10 back. With some cards, you get money off and free, with others you earn frequent-flyer miles that you can use for free airline tickets or a cheaper price.

The company’s main intention is that you should be attracted to the free money, use the card and then pay a fortune in interest when you can´t afford to repay the debt. And I´m sure that it´s a good business strategy, otherwise, the credit companies wouldn’t do it. If you read a lot of American blogs it´s a possibility to pay all fixed and variable charges by credit card, deduct the full balance every month (before accruing interest) and then score the cashback. But beware that It´s a dangerous game if you do not have control of your private economy, but if you can do with self-discipline, it can be a good business.

What do you get with the card?

The Norwegian card gives 2-4% CashPoint on travel with Norwegian LowFare tickets and if you buy the more expensive Flex tickets it´s 10%. You get 5% when you use it to book hotels on and feel free to look at more ways to earn points here. It also gives you 1% CashPoint on all purchases up to DKK 75.000 and hereafter 0,5%, no matter where you use the card. The 1% CashPoint is where I get my bonus because I use my card as much as I can, and I don´t fly enough to get it from buying tickets. CashPoin, however, is not paid in cash but is converted to points at Norwegian.

The Norwegian card is also a normal Visa Credit card. It has no trade fees and is interest-free for 45 days (if you make a purchase after let’s say the 15/1, you can wait to pay it until the 1/3,  45 days later). You pay nothing in interest if you make sure to pay the balance every month otherwise, you will pay 21,93% ÅOP/ARP. There is also no annual fee.

As I and my family often travel with Norwegian, it makes excellent sense to use this opportunity to cut a little in the travel expenses. You also get free travel and cancellation insurance if you pay for your trip with the card it´s valid up to 90 days. When you sign up you get 250 cashpoints the first time you use the card.

I´m not sure how many countries it´s possible to get Norwegian Credit Card in, but it’s possible I Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

Norwegian Credit Card closure

Should you get the card? If you travel, and especially if you travel with Norwegian, it makes excellent sense to get their card. If you manage to spend DKK 100,000 (DKK 75.000×0,01%= 750 DKK 25.000×0,005%=125) it will provide you with DKK 700 for flight tickets. If you already are traveling with Norwegian for, and you spend DKK 10000 annually for flight tickets, then it´s another DKK 160 to use. For me, the obvious thing is to use the card for the big purchases, for example, if you buy a new bed, a Phone or car. That being said you will never get rich with cashpoints from the card, but it´s a supplement. The downside is that the CashPoints you earn can only be used on flights with Norwegian, that being said they fly both Europa, Asia, and the US.

Interest and fees General 

  • Annual fee:  0 DKK
  • Purchase: 0 DKK

Use of the card in Denmark

  • Cash withdrawals: 0 DKK
  • ATM Cash: 0 DKK * Interest is attributed

Use of the card abroad

  • Purchase: 0 KR
  • Cash withdrawals: 0 DKK
  • Counter cash: 0 DKK * Interest is attributed
  • Currency supplement: 1.75%


  • Nominal interest rate per share year: 19.99%
  • Nominal interest rate per share month: 1.67%
  • APR/ÅOP: 21.93%
  • Borrowing rate: 21.93%

Cash withdrawal limits

  • Cash withdrawals per. day in Denmark: 5,000 DKK 
  • Cash withdrawals per. day abroad: DKK 10,000  
  • Other terms Renewal of stolen, lost, damaged card: 0 DKK 
  • Fee eBooks: 0 DKK
  • Paper invoice fee: 35DKK 
  • Reminder fee: 100 DKK
  • Debt collection notice / cancellation: 100 DKK
  • Debt collection: 100 DKK
  • Transfer cash to NemKonto: 0 DKK  * Interest is attributed from the transfer date


  • 23 year age limit Living in Denmark, Sweden, Norway
  • Not registered in the RKI