Books on Investing

Early Retirement Extreme*

A book about the philosophy of extremely early retirement, which has inspired my lifestyle to the focus on FIRE (financial independence retire early). In his book, Jacob Lund Fisker discus how to become financially independent with a median income.

The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing*

A recommendation for beginner investors. The book is under 300 pages so it´s not that hard to read, I managed to read it under a week. Hopefully, you are then well-versed in investing in a common sense manner. The focus of the book is asset allocation, diversification, investment expenses, plus tax(but that’s not useful for me living in Denmark).

How to Get Rich*

How to Get Rich is not a “get rich fast way” book, is not investment tips, or motivational claptrap. In his book, Felix Dennis seeks to help entrepreneurs and share lessons he learned the hard way. The focus of the book is how to look at ideas, luck, ownership, negotiating, delegation, focus, and self-belief, but what makes is great is how he discusses his successes and his failures.




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