This Mintos review is based on my experiences after a little more then 1 year of investing (November 2018) in Mintos.

Who is Mintos?

The Latvian based company Mintos is a P2P investment marketplace that connects lending companies with investors. Their platform was launched in start 2015 and currently serves 59 loan originators and 94413 investors from 69 countries. Total more than 14 million euro’s have been funded since the start.


My personal review

More then a year ago I made my first investment of 360 Eur in Mintos – this was my second investment in P2P lending, my fist was Bondera in october 2017.

My impression on the platform has been very good. The returns i made have been solid and so fare i haven´t lost money on defaulted loans, but be Shure to choose Buyback guarantee on all loans.

In my first periode I checked the progress almost daily, just to be shure that I got my returns and that my auto-investment settings was working.

From my first 13 months of investing, I have an average net annual return on 12.98% across all loans! Most loans have interest rates from 9% to 13% and the average return on mintos is 11,6%

I think that is quite good, and a lot more then the banks has to offer in return.

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You can see, that i got some secondary market transactions, campaign rewards and some service fees.

Secondary market transactions fees is because i use the possibility to invest in loans that other investors want to sell. In that transacktion I sometimes pay fees upfront to other investors to overtake thier loans. I do this for 3 reasons one is to spread my investments in smaller chunks, second not having cash waiting, both to be invested and waithing for the loan to be out off it´s grace periode (All new loans has a grace periode) And third because i sometimes get a better interest rate.

My Campaign Rewards was money back (up to 5%) from MOGO a mintos loan provider.

Service Fees is a fee for currency converting.




Disclaimer: I am now a Mintos affiliate. Which means I can offer my readers a 1% bonus on all investments made in the first 90 days, but only if you sign up with this link. Then we both receive a bonus. My investing with Mintos started before deciding to be an affiliate.